A Letter from
the Founder

October 2022
Dimitris Georgiou
Dimitris Georgiou
Salva Lopez
Mirto Iatropoulou
Giorgos Sfakianakis

I am humbled and grateful to be able to share these words with all of you through this journal. I often reflect on how the story of LIM Hotels started and where we are today, which fills me with joy, energy, and inspiration to keep introducing our global community to places of indelible character.

Let me take you through the beginning. It was February 2021 in Athens, Greece when the idea of LIM Hotels first came to mind. It all started from sharing inspiring images of boutique hotels in Greece standing out for their raw simplicity, charm and a ‘less is more’ approach to living. This storytelling and curation of imagery quickly resonated with a large audience all over the world who embraced the page as a go-to platform to discover original places. At the time, as travel was restricted, there was an urge for people to go out and explore once again. It soon became obvious to me that this was more than an inspiration page. Today, I am proud to say LIM Hotels (an acronym for ‘Less Is More’) is home for places with an effortless intent made for a community seeking an honest approach to local hospitality.

Kalesma, a member of LIM Hotels

F Zeen Retreat, a member of LIM Hotels

In today’s world, there seems to be too much noise and abundance of hotel offerings that can often be overwhelming to choose from. At the same time, this makes it challenging for certain places to stand up and stand out. This is where LIM Hotels comes in. To cut through the noise and be home for places we feel are a cultural carrier to their locale and can go the extra mile in the guest’s experience. We look at originality in concept, locality in design and architecture, and purity in the essence of a place. Every hotel in our collection has a unique theme which originates from its local environment and culture. The more we explore the more we feel the need to connect with a place and become part of it. We represent the traveler who seeks for places of indelible local character and effortless aesthetic that can create a sense of belonging beyond than just bedding.

Verina Astra, a member of LIM Hotels

Some of the most creative hoteliers and inspiring places in Greece are part of LIM Hotels. Behind each of our member hotels there are imaginative people coming from different backgrounds of life and work. We call these the ‘Creators’ whose vision is rooted in the past, challenges the present, and can define the future.

My aspiration is for this journal to be a platform that inspires people to travel, explore, unplug and reconnect. Traveling and hospitality touch on many facets of our lives and society at large that it feels natural for our LIM community to be part of a larger discussion. Let our hotels be a paradigm for a better more conscious world, and let our community be at the forefront of this movement in a rapidly changing world.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

LIM Hotels
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