A Simple Hack to Better your Holidays

We seriously need to talk about your vacation style.

It is not an urban legend that when you take time for yourself you are actually doing the best thing you can do for your mental health, and that extends to your whole life. Our brain is our biggest asset as humans. Which is why we should take good care of it and give ourselves the time to rest and treat our mind and body to a simple vacation. Our every day routine includes busy and intense schedules filled with deadlines, constant commute and planning for the days to come. That does not allow us to be in the moment and truly unwind which undoubtedly creates stress.

It is important to understand that when I talk about taking a vacation I mean detaching yourself from everything that resembles or reminds you of the stressors in your day to day life. Neuroscientists have found that stress can alter brain structure and translate to anxiety and depression. When you take a vacation, feelings of calm arise which allows both mind and body to heal in ways that it couldn’t if it were under pressure.Yet, you might not realize it but our brain needs less than a second to get distracted and start processing different stimuli from our environment. Even the simplest and “harmless” email notification on your phone’s lock screen can bring on feelings that do not let your mind truly take a break.

Science advises we take a break from our phone, especially on our time off. Our phone is a big distraction and I am almost certain that this is not the first time you hear about this. Studies have shown that people that engage less with their phones while on vacation experience elevated mood, are more efficient and have higher levels of motivation within the rest of the year.

Instead of keeping in touch with your emails and interrupting your relaxation, I would suggest looking up at the blue sky and the lush green surroundings and let them do their magic. It is not out of chance that these colors are found dominantly in nature. Along with the meditating sounds, such as the sound of the waves or the sweet summer song of cicadas, they invite harmony, diffuse anxiety and encourage a powerful sense of calm.

Moreover, both traveling with your loved ones and switching off your phone have found to ameliorate the quality of the relationships in your life. Time spent without distractions strengthens the bonds and results in stronger relationships with solid foundations. It is really simple to let yourself be calmer, healthier and happier throughout the year.

Last but definitely not least, some people even report having an elevated mood even up to 8 weeks prior to their vacation. It is a shame to poison this much needed serotine burst and genuine relaxation with invasive notifications. Give the best gift you could give yourself and go on a vacation and really be there. Mind and body. Let your mind rest and your body heal. Take in all that your selected destination has to offer and make the most of it for a healthier quality of life.

Invest in yourself and your life. Take a break. You deserve it.

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