Guided by the principle of finding beauty in the simple things, LIM Hotels started as a passion project out of Athens, showcasing inspiring boutique hotels across Greece on social media. Its distinct sense of aesthetic and storytelling quickly resonated with people from around the world who embraced the brand’s role as a storyteller. What started as a mere page quickly evolved into a community of like minded people in their pursuit of locally immersive stays.

In today’s world, we view travelers as global thinkers and hotels as cultural hubs. We measure hospitality not just by living standards but also by local immersion, and envision a role for hotels that blend seamlessly with their local community and can connect people to a higher purpose. We celebrate originality in all shapes and forms and are inspired by hotels that are rooted in the past, challenge the present, and can define the future. Each of our places represents a microcosm of their environment and functions as a prime cultural carrier to their locale embodying a definitive time and place.

LIM Hotels
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