Embracing the Cycladic beauty, Kalesma invites you to wander among its sculptural whitewashed walls and open-air spaces and unwind under the elevated Mykonian spirit.
Carved into the cliffside, COCOMAT Santorini complements the world's known sunset phenomenon with an eco-friendly stay on endless views painted in deep shades of blue.
As the sky and sea of Sifnos live in perfect harmony, Verina Astra generously offers a serene and calming experience in its every corner.
Seamlessly blended with the island's raw beauty, COCOMAT Eco Residences stages a sustainable experience soundtracked by the rhythm of the waves.
A former village repurposed into a boutique hotel, Kapsaliana Village keeps the traditional spirit alive respecting and celebrating the history, nature, and architectural patterns of Crete.
Nestled within the forest, Euphoria Retreat prioritizes wellbeing seeking to revive the mind and the body, embracing the Ancient Greek concept of a blissful life.
Backed by lush green, fronted by open sea, F Zeen Retreat is a place of tranquility with an emphasis on wellbeing, boasting vantage views of a long sandy beach in a tropical setting.
Located in the small and historic island of Spetses, Yayaki preserves the island's kind personality reminding us the root values of hospitality.
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